Traffic operators and managers working from city or regional control rooms have long used software tools to receive alerts about ongoing road incidents. But in a major upgrade, PTV Flows traffic management software now sends automated alerts about incidents that are about to occur.

PTV Flows has recently been upgraded with a transformative new feature called Automated Email Alerts for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This feature represents a significant step forward in traffic management technology, providing traffic operators and managers with greater efficiency and proactive control.

Why is this feature groundbreaking? Let’s take a look.

What is PTV Flows?


PTV Flows  is an innovative real-time traffic management and forecasting software. Using advanced machine learning and cutting-edge technology, it enables transport operators to effortlessly monitor and predict traffic conditions.

As cloud-based software, PTV Flows does not require users to invest in complex infrastructure and equipment. This makes traffic management a cost-effective and hassle-free option for cities and road authorities.

What sets PTV Flows apart from the competition is its focus on predictive traffic management. Using automated alerts and real-time data analysis, it enables proactive traffic management, allowing operators to anticipate and mitigate potential traffic problems before they escalate.

This focus on prediction, rather than mere reaction, increases the efficiency and effectiveness of traffic management, resulting in smoother traffic flows and reduced congestion.

In addition, its cloud-based nature ensures scalability and ease of access.

What are PTV Flows automated email alerts?

Automated Email Alerts for KPIs is a new feature of PTV Flows. It is designed to keep traffic operators ahead of the curve by alerting them to potential problems before they escalate into major issues. PTV Flows now sends two types of automated alerts for travel time KPIs:

  • Warning (visualized in yellow) – for cautionary warnings.
  • Critical (in red) – for urgent situations.

The system can also send information about normal situations (in green) if the user wishes to be notified when the problem is fully resolved.

An example of a PTV Flows automated email alert
An example of a PTV Flows automated email alert

Automated email alerts are now available to all active PTV Flows customers. The feature can be enabled by the administrator, who can also choose which KPIs to monitor and who should receive the notification.

For example, if PTV Flows predicts a future event, such as unexpectedly heavy traffic, it now sends an alert to operators. This allows them to proactively adjust signal timing or inform the public of alternative routes in advance.

This is in contrast to previous situations where responses were more reactive and based on real-time events, often resulting in delays and increased congestion.

Customize PTV Flows traffic alerts

PTV Flows users can select which recipients receive email alerts and at which level
PTV Flows users can select which recipients receive email alerts and at which level

A key aspect of these alerts is their customizability. FTV Flows users can select the KPIs they are interested in and the level of alert severity they want to be notified about.

Currently, the KPIs users can select include dynamic travel times with different levels of prediction. This means predicting travel times if the driver starts now, in 10 minutes, in 20 minutes, etc.

PTV Flows will soon add alerts based on typical travel times recorded in the user-defined corridor at that time and day of the week. This flexibility ensures that users receive relevant alerts based on their specific needs and responsibilities.

Direct access and simplified management

When users receive an automated email alert, they can click on the email to go directly to the relevant section in PTV Flows. This direct link takes the user to the PTV Flows interface focused on the KPI that triggered the alert, allowing for immediate assessment and action.

In addition, recognizing that certain situations, such as special events or festivals, can temporarily alter traffic patterns, we  added the ability to mute alerts for specific KPIs for a specified period. This feature allows users to tailor the alert system to unique scenarios, ensuring they receive only the most relevant information.

voiture dans un tunnel

Who else benefits from these traffic alerts?

A PTV Flows email alert is redirected to Telegram by Microsoft Power Automate
A PTV Flows email alert is redirected to Telegram by Microsoft Power Automate

The impact of the new PTV Flows feature extends beyond individual traffic operators and managers:

Patrol units, such as police or security vehicles, can now receive real-time alerts, enabling them to respond more quickly to emerging traffic situations.

Municipalities and city planners can integrate these alerts into broader traffic management and emergency response strategies to improve citywide operational efficiency.

For businesses and organizations, this feature opens up the possibility of integrating PTV Flows into complex automated workflows using tools such as Microsoft Power Automate or Zapier. From triggering social media alerts during major traffic events to activating dynamic signage systems, the potential applications are vast and varied.

In summary, the Automated Email Alerts for KPIs feature makes traffic managers move from a reactive to a proactive approach.

Improve your traffic management with automated alerts

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