Trams, trains, buses – public transportation connects people, guarantees access and inclusion in social life for everyone, regardless of age, gender, disability, or race. The important role that public transport plays in our daily lives is highlighted in “The Way We Move”, a new documentary series presented by the International Association of Public Transport UITP. Produced by BBC StoryWorks, 21 UITP members are telling their transport stories, showing how public transport transforms our lives and cities.

“Public transport is a sector full of many different stories to tell, each of them highlighting the innovation that make it an essential service for billions of people around the world”, says Mohamed Mezghani, UITP Secretary General on the official “The Way We Move” website. “This new series will help illuminate the work being done to make our cities more liveable and accessible. It will also shine a much welcomed spotlight on the people who are at the very heart of public transport – those who work tirelessly within it, and those who rely on it every single day. I’m very proud to see our members showcase their work with such passion and pride.”

One of the members telling a transportation story is PTV Group. The video takes viewers to Dubai. STS Transport Services transports more than 80,000 students daily to and from schools. Maintaining safe and efficient services is a demanding task. The documentary accompanies a bus driver on his tour and shows a PTV software solution not only facilitates his daily work.

STS uses PTV Route Optimiser, a software that normally helps to optimize logistics processes, to plan the routes for more than 2,800 buses. Thus, travel distances are limited and children’s well-being and safety are ensured.

Another result is the reduction of the daily run kilometers and “dead runs”, which in turn decreases fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. You can read the full background story on the PTV Blog.

“It makes me proud that we are part of this fantastic and impressive series. The documentaries wonderfully highlight the many facets of public transport and the people behind it, and they show the contribution that public transport makes to our society,”, says Christian U. Haas, CEO of PTV Group. “The way we move is changing and a strong public transport is essential to ensure sustainable, accessible and equal mobility in the future.”

Efficient public transport planning

From planning new stations to optimizing schedules, PTV software supports affordable and customer-friendly public transport services.

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