Due to the volatility of the current business climate, freight operators are looking for ways to reduce logistics costs to ensure stability through the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we have seen, during a global supply chain interruption some industries grind to a halt while others become overburdened. But no matter on which side businesses are, cutting costs could be the difference between merely surviving and thriving.

Lowering expenses has a two-pronged benefit: it increases profit margin while providing more capital to re-invest in the cusses of the company.

Below are four suggestions to help cut expenses.

Take Better Routes

Reducing logistics costs in the freight industry

Road restrictions, traffic, accidents, and construction all cause dispatchers and logistics managers headaches. Far too often the people planning routes are not provided with the information they need to get deliveries to their destination on time. Time, after all, is the key.

Instead of looking for the shortest route, planners should look for the best route. The best route is the one that will take the least amount of time to get from location to location.

To calculate the best route, include historic and real-time traffic, road restrictions, as well as other hazards. This will allow drivers to spend less time idling while ensuring that dock times are met.

Consolidate loads

Less-than-load shipping needs to be avoided as much as possible because empty space in a truck means more trips. Trips can be reduced by ensuring that all truckloads are filled to capacity. Fewer trips mean less overhead.

While this can be difficult, software is available to assist with loading, including the most convenient order to place items–so that the last of the cargo loaded is the first off the truck.

Reducing logistics costs in the freight industry

Reduce fleet size

Reducing logistics costs in the freight industry

Reducing the fleet size becomes possible after the aforementioned suggestions are put into place. By distributing orders to available vehicles optimally, they can cover more ground in less time. Fewer trips are needs to deliver more, taking assets off the road becomes a possibility.

Get digital

COVID19 has clearly demonstrated that it’s time to get away from paper. Digitization of processes can sound like a drastic change to some operations, especially for those who have been successful for many years. The benefits, however, far outweigh the effort.

By having digital records logistics managers have greater insight into the entire supply chain, are updated of disruptions in real-time, and have far smoother communication with all stakeholders. With the refinement of computerized record-keeping, companies undoubtedly discover and change any inefficiencies that may have been costing their business money.

Whether operating during a time of prosperity or a global economic slowdown, reducing expenses is advantageous to any business. By implementing the four suggestions above companies can begin improving your bottom line.

Reducing logistics costs in the freight industry

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